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Return / Refund Policies / Check Policy

The US Training Council is an authorized Training Center of the American Heart Association. Due to our affiliation with the American Heart Association (AHA), we are legally authorized to distribute all products that have been published and produced for educational purposes (e.g., Student Manuals, Instructors training equipment, in-home training kits, etc). For all American Heart Association products, there is a 30 day return policy.

Limited Warranty: The quality and value of all products is supported by a limited manufacture warranty that provides assurance that products will be free from defects in materials and workmanship. A copy of the limited warranty for any product is available for your review prior to its purchase, and may be obtained free of charge by placing a request with our administration department. Credit will be issued upon receipt and evaluation of the merchandise.

Certification Card / Refund / Return Policy: Once the certification card has your personal information on it, it cannot be re-used. The American Heart Association has imbeded security features that prevent the card from being altered any in way. If you happen to miss place your certification card, then you may contact a member of our training center management or the Instructor who offered the course and request for a new certification card. Please note: there will be a replacement fee involved.

Proof of Purchase Receipt (Invoice):

You must provide proof of a receipt / invoice that was issued by the US Training Council, for products distributed in order for a refund to be considered (e.g., Student Manuals, Instructors training equipment, in-home training kits, etc). 30 day return policy is in full force.


For all deliveries of any products that we distribute or for pre-payment of courses, we will absolutely need a copy of your receipt for proof of online payment! For online renewal courses, we are going to need a copy of your online certification for proof of course completion. No Exceptions!

CHECK POLICY: If your check BOUNCES due to Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF), you will be subject to a $40.00 processing fee. NO EXCEPTION!!!

**Report all shipping or invoice discrepancies to our administration within 10 days of invoice date. Prices and specifications are subject to change without further notice.

US Training Council refund policies for training course fees.

Terms & Conditions are as follows:

All online pre-payments for training course fees are non-refundable. Once you have submitted & finalized an online payment for a course fee, it is final & non-refundable unless other or prior arrangments have been made. Experience has shown that approximately 40% of prospective clients are no-shows. The Instructors time is valuable and must be compensated regardless of participant attendance or class size.

As a professional courtesy it becomes the responsibility of the prospective client (YOU) to notify The US Training Council by phone or email in cases of cancelation or postponement. By complying with this policy the US Training Council can consider a refund for your online payment. However, if proper notification is not received, cancelation or postponement of the class fee will not be refunded. Depending on the situation, the US Training Council may require validation of the emergency or reason for non-attendance. This will be considered on a case by case basis. This will be to avoid future concerns and is also a safe guard for other potential clients who may be involved with this same class, and be delayed as a direct result of a clients cancelation or postponement. Many of our clients are dealing with time contraints regarding their employment and training.

Our policy equally applies to our Training Organization & Instructors; meaning if an unexpected emergency occurs with an Instructor affiliated with our Organization, in which an Instructor fails to notify a client for last minute cancellation by phone (or whatever means possible), our organization will then be obligated to re-schedule or offer a refund...which ever is prefered. The US Training Council is a professional training organization and AHA CTC, maintains the highest standards of excellence. As such we offer a guarantee that our Instructors will either be replaced by a sub-stitute instructor or contact any client in advanced if that Instructor needs to cancel or postpone a course that has been arranged and confirmed due to an unexpected emergency. All Instructors officially aligned and involved with our training organization are under very strict guidelines and policies. In order to maintain the highest standards for our clients, we maintain, support and require adherence to these guidelines and policies as outlined.

AHA disclaimer: All costs of providing Courses and fees charged to students shall be the responsibilitiy of the TC. The AHA shall not have any responsibility for any costs inccurred, or fees charged, by TC or Training Sites. The AHA is paid no fees by TC or any Training Site or Instructors, and the AHA has no financial interest in the business of TC, Training Sites or Instructors


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